Comic Book Review: Reborn (2016)

Details: Six issue series. Published by Image Comics. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Greg Capullo.

Greg Capullo and Mark Millar are comic book legends who have drawn and written some of my favorite comic book stories. With that said, Reborn is a short story that is okay, but not great.

Reborn centers on an elderly woman who has just died. Turns out, there’s a fantasy themed afterlife where people gain magical powers in direct relation to how good they were, how bad they were, how religious they were, etc. Our protagonist just happens to be the best person to ever die and there’s some prophecy she needs to fulfill and etc. etc.

Capullo’s art is as good as it was in Batman. My only issue is that I never really felt like there were any big set piece moments that wowed me. The story just kind of mosey’s along until it ends and so does the art. The ending actually made me feel something, but the rest of the story offered little.

Overall, it’s a fine story, but not great. If someone asked me about it, I’d probably recommend you pass on it unless you absolutely need some Millar or Capullo in your life.

Score: 6/10

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