Anime Review: Konosuba

Details: Released in 2016. Two seasons with ten episodes each. Each episode is about twenty-three minutes long.

I feel like ever since Sword Art Online came out, the genre of an anime that takes place in a Massive Multiplayer Online Game setting has exploded. There are so many of these types of anime out there nowadays. Konosuba is another one of these, though it’s almost never serious and mostly hilarious.

The story centers on a young, nerdy student who is also a shut in. He dies in a humiliating way and when he does, a goddess gives him the option to reincarnate into a fantasy world which is a lot like a fantasy role-playing video game. He takes the option and so begins his hilarious journey.

I think that the first thing that should be mentioned is that there is a lot of fan service, though it never got cringey for me because it was mostly cushioned with jokes that hit the mark for me. It’s also kind of your standard harem setup, though it should also be said that no romance ever really gets going because each character is deplorable or crazy in their own way.

The biggest draw of this show to me was that it was a lighthearted, funny, familiar anime with all the anime tropes that I could just sit back and mindlessly watch. I’m not always in the mood for lighthearted fun, but when I am, this is exactly the kind of thing I want to watch.

And it’s really funny. One thing that I like in this anime and that I don’t see too often in other anime’s is that there are multiple jokes going on at the same time. There’s the primary comedy bit which takes your attention first, then there’s a background bit that you may miss if you aren’t paying attention, then there’s the voice over, often delivered in a deadpan tone, which adds another layer of comedy. Taken together, it’s really funny, frenetic stuff.

The animation is good. It’s not spectacular, but it’s good.

Overall, I enjoyed this series and will be looking forward to a third season if that ever comes around. I think if you liked anime’s like The Devil is a Part-Timer!, then you will enjoy this comedy. If you hate fan service on any level or want to kill yourself every time someone tries to animate boobs, then this is not for you.

Score: 7/10

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