Restaurant Review: Ming Xing B.B.Q.

Details: Located at 35-14 Farrington St, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s the yelp page:

Ming Xing BBQ is a place specializing is Xi’an barbecue skewers. Their twist is that you get to cook it yourself at your table. I usually find communal cooking with friends to be a fun activity and it was pretty fun here despite the many times we burned our hands.

Pricing generally lands at ten skewers for around fifteen dollars. We didn’t try anything too out there, just beef, lamb, chicken, and sausage skewers. Initially, the waiters give you a plate of spices that you can dip or sprinkle onto your skewers. There is salt, MSG, and red pepper flakes on the side if you want more spice. There are a few small cold appetizers they put out that didn’t look too good. I think they also always give a plate of complimentary dumplings, which was nice.

The main problem for me was cooking the skewers. There is a big fire in the middle of the table and we had about ten people trying to cook around this thing, which made it difficult for everyone to cook. I think this place is good for a party of four or five. Any higher and you get people bumping into each other, knocking over skewers into the fire and burning themselves. Which leads to the second problem: most of us were pretty bad at cooking skewers. There was only one person in the party who knew how to cook multiple skewers at the same time without burning himself and he had been there multiple times. Furthermore, because of a breeze within the restaurant, the fire blew towards one side of the table and heated the skewers to the point where we could not touch them. They use metal skewers which meant that as the meat cooked, the metal heated up as well to the point of burning us. I think the ideal method to cook is to just put two or three skewers onto the fire and watch and rotate them until they cook through. Unfortunately, with a party of around ten, none of us could do that effectively.

I will say that the food was pretty good. With that said, it was just raw meat on a skewer that had not been marinated or seasoned before hand. You have to do all the cooking and the seasoning. Definitely get the sausage if you go.

Overall, while a fun experience, Ming Xing BBQ doesn’t really make a lot of sense as a restaurant. If you want Xi’an style skewers, then your best option is to just go to a food cart and order it from someone who will make it for you for about the same price, maybe a little less. This place would make more sense if they raised the price and made it an all you can eat place.

If you just want to have a fun cooking with three or four friends, then this is a good place to go. Otherwise, I’d probably recommend avoiding this place and just buying skewers somewhere else.

Score: 6/10

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