Restaurant Review: Quantum Leap

Details: Located at 226 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012. Official site is

Quantum Leap is essentially a compromise between me and me vegan friends. Some of them at least. Other vegan friends have questioned whether the food here is truly vegan and have since, never returned. As an omnivore, I could care less.

While the place is, in theory, vegan, they do serve fish and real eggs if you ask for it. That’s pretty much the whole of the compromise. I’ve tried a number of things here, most of which I’ve found not good. The only thing I get here now is the breakfast/brunch. I forget the exact name of the thing, but you get pancakes or waffles, real or fake eggs, and soy sausage or vegan bacon for around thirteen dollars. It’s not amazing, but not awful.

Service is always really nice. Environment isn’t bad.

Overall, I still dislike vegan food because of its ability to take food/dishes that may already be vegan and make them taste worse. This place is no exception. However, as an omnivore, this place is tolerable.

Score: 4/10

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