Restaurant Review: Dominos v. Pizza Hut v. Papa Johns v. Little Cesars

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I’ve been eating a lot lousy, fast food pizza lately. You know the kind; a big brand that heats up ingredients frozen for years. It’s particularly lousy because I live in New York City, which means I have access to cheaper, better quality pizza everywhere. In any case, I decided to write a review for it and since there are so many brands of lousy pizza, I decided to declare a winner. Here goes.


A while back, Dominos changed their pizza recipe to something a little more appetizing. Now, the cardboard mislabeled as pizza has become slightly more appetizing cardboard. It’s edible, but nowhere near a masterpiece. If I order from Dominos, I usually do it because it’s late and they deliver. That’s it. For that purpose, Dominos is an acceptable choice and serves that purpose well.

They do wings, sandwiches, and pasta as well as pizza here. It’s all pretty mediocre. Something to eat when you’re starving and all other businesses are closed. Pricing ranges from around five to twenty dollars depending on what you order. I usually get the two items for $5.99 each. Usually that consists of a medium two-topping pizza and an order of chicken wings.

As perhaps the most popular of all the major pizza brands, I guess we can use Dominos as our baseline for comparison.

Score: 5/10


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has everything that Dominos has. The pricing is also mostly the same, though slightly more expensive than Dominos. The big difference here is that pizza hut has in my opinion a more bread-like tasting pizza, which I like. A lot of people I’ve asked actually prefer Dominos to Pizza Hut, so opinions may vary. In my opinion, Pizza Hut has the better pizza. Pizza Hut also has the better bread sticks. I also enjoy their Supreme pizza, but that thing is pricey compared to the other stuff.

Score: 5.3/10


Papa Johns

Papa Johns has pizza that is slightly better than Dominos, but not as good as Pizza Hut. It’s also pricier than Dominos and Pizza Hut. The primary thing that sets Papa Johns apart is a small thing; Papa Johns pizza comes with complimentary dipping sauce and a jalapeno. That’s the only main difference.

In regards to what I usually order. My local Papa Johns has a special where you can get a large three topping pizza for around nine dollars during weekdays. That’s what I’ll get.

Score: 4.8/10


Little Caesars

Little Caesars has the worst pizza of all of the above. I do not recommend ordering the chicken wings. Prices are slightly lower than the other places. I did not enjoy eating here. They also have “crazy bread,” which is just bread sticks.

Score: 3/10


What’s the best fast food pizza delivery franchise?

When considering taste versus price, Dominos is the best fast food pizza delivery franchise. I prefer the taste of Pizza Hut, but it is a little more expensive. If you want the lowest price for the highest quality, Dominos is what you want.

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