Video Game Review: Terraria

Details: Released in 2011. Available for pretty much every electronic system I think. Played it on the PC. Purchased on Steam for $5.00. I’ve seen it around ten dollars and as low as $2.50. I’ve spent over two hundred sixty hours playing this game and will likely spend even more time. The most recent version of the game I played was version There have been content patches in the past, but it’s unclear if that will continue in the future.

I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. After a week of playing the game, I’ve finally managed to beat the Moon Lord — in addition to every other boss in the game — in Expert difficulty. However, that only took me about a week’s time to do. That does not account for the other two hundred hours I’ve spent in the game screwing around, exploring, and realizing all my crazy building ideas.

Terraria is essentially Minecraft, but two-dimensional. A two-dimensional, randomly generated world is created and you get to explore it with your two-dimensional character.

The visual style is of an old Super Nintendo game. However, because of progress and the passage of time, these pixels and animations are some of the best two dimensional pixels I’ve ever seen. Combined with a sense of humor that includes violent gore (or as violent as two dimensional sprites can get) and other hilarious items, you get visuals that are fun and lighthearted. It’s a quaint, stylized look that I enjoyed.

There are a lot of things you can do in the game. You can fish, explore, mine, craft gear, fight bosses and more. While I enjoyed every aspect of this game, I was mostly in it to progress and the way to do that is to fight bosses. There are tiers of armor, weapons, and accessories and, in order to beat the highest tier of enemy, you need the gear that matches that tier. That means that in order to progress, you have to dig, farm, and explore until you find it. Like Minecraft, this world is randomly generated and many of the factors determining what materials you find and gear you get are randomly determined. What that means is that every time you need something, it may take hours and hours to find it. You might find it right away. You may never find it. For me, the joy of the game was discovering and obtaining those items, then formulating a plan to defeat the bosses through trial and error.

Additionally, if you want to just save time, there is an official Terraria wiki that is very helpful. There are a ton of items, enemies and gameplay elements and — even with the wiki — you’re probably not going to find or even know the existence of all of them.

There’s a multiplayer mode, at least on the PC version. You can host games or join your friends. It’s really fun to fight bosses or mob events together.

The most important point that can be made about this game is its price. Usually, the game lists on Steam for around ten dollars. During sales, the price usually drops to around five dollars. I’ve even seen it drop as low as to around two to three dollars. For that price, this game is a steal. I think about all those trash apps on your phone for the same price that do a fraction of what this game does and it just makes me sad. Terraria is value.

Overall, I loved this game. When considering the price versus the amount of time and fun I had playing it, I cannot deny that this is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Score: 8.4/10

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