Restaurant Review: Pret A Manger

Details: All over New York City. The officials site is

I hate Pret. I’ve tried the food here again and again, but I still hate Pret. Before going into why I hate Pret, I may as well go into the good points of Pret.

The good things are as follows:

  1. Many convenient locations around Manhattan.
  2. Faster food than McDonald’s. The food sits in a refrigerated or heated display.
  3. Prices are around ten dollars.
  4. Offers some choices, mostly sandwiches, salads, and soup.

Despite these considerations, I still hate Pret. Pret to me symbolizes desperation and price gouging. I have never eaten Pret out of desire, I have always eaten it because I needed something fast and not too expensive. Even still, the food at Pret is overpriced. I look at a cup of soup or a square sandwich cut in half and I wonder to myself, “how the hell is this worth five to ten dollars?”

And the taste. Man. I know people who like Pret. To me however, I feel like I’m eating t.v. dinners. It just tastes like this preserved crap that they microwaved a few minutes ago. Maybe they do make their food fresh. I wouldn’t know, because it tastes like you just took it out of some plastic wrap and put it one display. If I wanted food like this, I would go buy a trash scone from Starbucks.

In conclusion, I hate this place. I hate it and yet I will likely come by and get something again because I am hungry and short on time. Damn you, Pret.

Score: 3/10

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