Comic Book Reviews: November 23, 2016

Just three comics caught my attention this week. Here they are.


Chew #60

Official site is

The final issue of Chew. Something I’ve always appreciated about this book is that it is a funny book. There are some serious parts, but I never felt that that was where the book shined. The book shined when it was telling food based jokes. And with the end of this series, we end with a mostly funny issue. This was a good series and I would easily buy the trade paperbacks as a gift for a friend. So long Chew, you were fun.

Score: 6.5/10


Death of X (2016) #4

Official site is

Man, I freaking hate Marvel/Disney sometimes. The story in this book played out exactly like I thought from the first issue. This really is series whose main purpose is to kill Cyclops, which was entirely unnecessary. Damn the person who decided that not having the movie rights to X-Men meant giving the green light to completely destroying the X-Men comic book line. What a damn fools. If Marvel/Disney was being honest with itself, then they’d give Sony some credit for creating the superhero genre in the first place. Instead, we get another trash X-Men book that kills what was once a great character for no good reason.

Score: 3/10


Civil War II (2016) #7

Official site is

Like the past couple of books in this miniseries, nothing much happens until the end and we’re left with another cliffhanger. At least this series is ending soon. The art is good though.

Score: 4/10

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