Comic Book Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race (2015) #6

I feel like after All-Star Batman and Robin, Frank Miller’s credibility just kind of went to hell. Even with Jim Lee’s art, there was no saving that mess of a story and dialogue.

I am happy to say that The Master Race is not as bad as All-Star Batman and Robin. It also isn’t quite as prolific as the more legendary Frank Miller stories of old. This is just a good story, a fun story that likes to reminisce and take us back to the old Dark Knight stories.

In this issue, Batman and Superman both armor up and beat the crap out of the crazy Kandorians. The side story at the end with Wonder Woman and her daughter was a nice addition as well.

I’ve got to give some credit to Azzarello  here. The dialogue is much more toned down and less corny and out of touch from Miller’s prior works. No more weird name calling or excessive mysogyny. There are hints of it. It wouldn’t be a Miller-Batman story without it, but it is toned down.

What really helps is the art of Kubrick. I’ve read a number of books involving Kubrick, namely “The Death of the Dark Knight,” and I think he’s a superstar. As far as I can tell, Kubrick’s art can do no wrong. He captures the artistic styles of yesteryear, except that his work is some much cleaner and easy to read. Miller’s art at the end was nostalgic more than anything else. It was just nice to see.

Score: 6/10 It’s a fun, action story. No big dramatic twists here or editorials on the Batman mythos or commentary on modern day society. It’s just a fun story with characters from Miller’s Dark Knight books.

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