Restaurant Review: Buffalo Wild Wings

Details: Located at 737 Merrick Ave., Westbury, NY 11590, among other locations. Official site is

Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain of restaurants that serve American bar food (burgers, nachos, chicken wings, etc.), alcohol (beer), and sports. There are primarily three main reasons that, despite the low quality of food here, I am continually enticed to visit.

First and foremost, I am greatly drawn to Buffalo Wild Wings because of its Tuesday deal. On Tuesday, buffalo wings are half off. They used to count individual pieces, but now they do it by weight. It works out to sort of the same. What is noteworthy though, is that most people who come to Buffalo Wild Wings have the same idea as I do. Tuesdays are packed and chaotic. There is almost always a line of high school kids in Buffalo Wild Wings on a Tuesday. Additionally, the kind of person who works at Buffalo Wild Wings is usually a grade student or someone else who doesn’t really care about the job or service, likely because they pay them trash wages. It just leads to one big dumpster fire where everything on a Tuesday takes extra long and you wait hours for a table and some chicken wings.

I will say that the one thing that elevates Buffalo Wild Wings above other chicken wing places is that they have a large number of sauces to choose from, which is actually the second thing that draws me here. I love their sauces. The chicken wings may not be the best I’ve ever had, but I do love me some cheap wings covered in Parmesan garlic sauce.

The third thing isn’t really something that draws me, but will likely be attractive to other people and that is the ridiculous number of flat screen televisions installed in each franchisees restaurant. You literally cannot turn your head without facing a wall of t.v.’s with every conceivable sports channel playing at the same time. If you like sports, wings, and beer, then Buffalo Wild Wings may be an attractive place to hang out and watch a game.

Score: 5.1/10 Quality of food is generally tied with Applebee’s, but frying up some frozen wings and dousing them in sauce doesn’t require the best quality of chicken you can possibly find. I’ve had other things, like nachos, mozzarella sticks, burgers and sandwiches and I can honestly say that they are not worth talking about. The only reasons you should consider coming here is for chicken wings in a variety of sauces, sports, and beer.

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