Restaurant Review: Doma Na Rohu

Details: Address is 27 1/2 Morton St., New York, NY 10014. Official site is

I had a terrible time here.

Came here with some friends on Friday night. We ordered the bratwurst dinner and the Jagerschnitzel (chicken cutlet with pasta). The problem is that the dish was so incredibly salty. At first I wasn’t sure if that was how the dish was supposed to be or if that’s how German food is supposed to be. My friends tried some and confirmed that the crap food was too salty. What seems to have happened was that the chef who was putting on garnish  sprinkled a ton of salt onto the dish before serving. There was so much salt that I was literally chewing on grains of it. It was so bad that after leaving the restaurant, I just went home because I felt sick from eating a ton of salt.

I told the waitress about it and she just smiled and said she would pass the tip along to the chef. Then she asked me what I would like for dessert. Obviously nothing you unreliable idiot, your chef doesn’t even know how to season food. She was a tall curly and dark haired woman. She also got my friend’s drink order wrong. Please fire her. She’s useless and not even trying to help.

A side note on why I wrote this here instead of in a Yelp review. I was really mad at the end of this dinner and I was considering opening a yelp account just to hate on this place. I’ve never done that before and that is because I don’t want to have any tangible or financial effect on someone else’s life. Yelp is popular enough for you to destroy a restaurant with reviews, so I avoid it. However, this blog only has a handful of readers so I feel that I can put my honest opinion here. Furthermore, I genuinely hated this place and the useless ass waitress who did nothing so this is truly, my honest opinion of this place.

Score: 1/10 They get a one for the interior design of the restaurant. I had a bad time. Ruined my whole night. First and last time I ever go there. I recommend you go to Cafe Katja if you want some good German/Austrian food. This place is trash.

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