Discussion: EasyAllies.com

Details: Their official site is http://www.easyallies.com. Their Twitch streaming site is www.twitch.tv/easyallies. Their Patreon site is www.patreon.com/EasyAllies. They mostly run off donations so if you like their stuff, make a donation. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

I discovered gametrailers.com many, many years ago. At the time I loved video games and a site that centered purely on videos for video games was exactly what I wanted. They also did reviews, countdown videos, and editorial videos. The primary cast of people I watched was Ryan Stevens, Daniel Bloodworth, Shane Satterfield, and Marcus Beer.

A few years into my viewership, Defy Media purchased gametrailers.com and fired most of the senior staff. It was a jarring event. I’m not really sure what happened to everyone, but I hope they’re on their feet. What I do know is that Shane Satterfield started a new site, siftd.net. It’s a game media site like gametrailers.com, except with a different income structure. I’ve gone to the site and I will say that one of my favorite shows on gametrailers was a show with Michael Pachter, a securities analyst who discussed the business/corporate aspect of video games. Pachter left gametrailers.com with Shane and now has a show on sifted.net, which I’ve watched and enjoyed. Another thing I will say about Shane is that I’ve disagreed with almost every opinion he has ever voiced on gametrailers.com.

Now back to gametrailers.com. While the lay offs were sad, they allowed the opportunity for the younger members of the gametrailers.com staff to step up and shine. Most notably is the ascendance of one Kyle Bosman. I loved watching Kyle Bosman and this is mainly due to one reason: positivity. Or maybe it was personality. Whatever it was, it was great. See, the tone of the grand majority of video game websites is one of cynicism and negativity, likely related to the idea that people who play video games and spend all their time on the internet are antisocial, cynical children with apocalyptic worldviews. Bosman offered a different attitude; he seemed genuinely excited about video games. He also had a quirky sense of humor, the kind of which you actually do expect to see on the internet.

Along with Bosman, the remaining members of the gametrailers.com staff — much to my delight — also began to appear in a greater number of videos. Primarily, it was Elyse Willems and Ian Hinck with their off beat humor and lovable rapport with one another. There was Michael Huber with insane levels of hype for all his favorite games. Ben Moore brought a little otaku-ness to the site along with Max Song. There were more people, but these were the one that I saw most often.

The new personalities of the site led to gems like this (skip to 1:40 for when the hype really begins):

They just seemed like a good bunch of dudes who truly liked video games. Unfortunately, Defy Media closed down gametrailers.com this year and laid everyone off. But from the ashes of gametrailers.com, the staff rose again and created a new site: easyallies.com. For all intents and purposes, it’s the same stuff they were doing at gametrailers, just with different names.

Actually, I like the stuff they make on easyallies.com even more. I feel like they actually get opportunity to show off each person’s  unique personality and view on video games. You get videos like Brandon Jones — the creator of gametrailers.com — playing Pokemon for the first time and talking with Bosman about their experience. Ian Hinck now has a weekly show that is ten times more out there than his show on gametrailers.com ever was. And at the center of the site are two awesome podcasts hosted by Kyle Bosman and Ben Moore. I feel like Ben Moore has come out of his shell the most since the creation of easyallies.com and I look forward to his biweekly podcast every time it comes out.

Usually, when discussing a piece of media or a product I consume, I discuss the good and bad of the thing and assign it a score. I’m not going to do that this time. I’ve been watching gametrailers.com and now easyallies.com for so long that these voices have become a part of my life. While I do not watch everything on the site, I look forward to each video they put out and their opinions on all things video games.

So what I want to do is recommend this site to anyone out there who remotely cares about video games. It’s a fun group of people and their videos always have good vibes. Go watch some videos and enjoy.

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