TV Review: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 3, Episode 5

This episode started fine… and then it made me mad. It went down the road of a pathetic, predictable romance instead of introducing some new alien species, or anything new really.

The problem with adding romantic interest into any story is that it is so easy. Need some suspense for that action movie? Add some romance. Mystery story lacking a twist? Add romance. Science fiction unoriginal? ADD ROMANCE. Adding romance because your writers lack better ideas is the laziest thing a writer can do and that is what they did here.

What a bunch of trash this episode was. All the crap Simmons went through on the alien planet… was for a man. Not even an alien man. A human guy. Sorry for the spoilers but this was so damn stupid and lazy. And the season was going great with the inhumans and the secret warriors. They had to go and write in a cliche.

I guess the conclusion we can take away from this episode is that in the end, there is nothing a woman shouldn’t do for a man. Also, it’s nice to have two men love you if you can swing it. Nice job Simmons.

Score: 3.4/10 Let’s get back to the superhuman spy stuff. Aliens would be cool, too. Not this crap writing a five year old could come up with.

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