TV Show Review: True Detective (2014) Season Two, Episode Three and Four

Details: Airs on HBO.

I just watched episode four and my reaction is WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? No spoilers ahead.

So we are now four episodes into season two, halfway through the second season, and True Detective has certainly added some depth to the show. The characters are getting more development and the plot is moving along. Unfortunately, I’m still lost as to what this season is trying to achieve. Season one established a dark and desperate tone, an interesting story structure involving flashbacks, and heavy character development of its two protagonists. There is character development here, but not to the degree of season one. Too many main characters I guess. As for the tone, I’m not really sure what they’re trying to express. I’m reserving judgment however, because perhaps this is the tone that Los Angeles gives. A kind of colorless tone/feeling. The cinematography isn’t really that extraordinary either. I still can’t forget that tracking shot from season one.

Score: 6/10 Not bad television, but I just don’t care about the story as much as I did for season one. I’m hoping they recapture lightning in the bottle, but we are already halfway through this season and my interest has yet to pique.

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