Restaurant Review: Cutting Board

Details: Located at 37-20 Prince St, Flushing, NY 11354, among other locations. Couldn’t find an official site.

Cutting Board is a restaurant that specializes in Asian style Western food. In other words, Italianish-Japanese food. It’s… fusiony… sort of. Some people might describe it as Hong Kong style. I personally love this style of food because it’s something you don’t really see a lot of in Western countries. There are two locations that I know of; one in Chinatown and one in Queens.

What I love about the food here is that it is really simple, yet delicious. I’ve been to this place numerous times and ordered numerous things, such as: CB mussels (sake, cream, saffron, bread stick), fried crispy calamari (curry capers aioli, creamy spicy mayo, marinara), pork katsu (farmer’s market veggie, potato salad), fatty beef on creamy rice (Pepper, Onion, Cream, Tomato Sauce), grilled chicken over creamy rice, sea urchin pasta (in a creamy sauce), pancetta and cream pasta (poached egg, linguine, bacon), omelette rice, the teriyaki burger (grilled chicken, fries, lettuce), the souffle, and the Hong Kong style tea.

I’ve loved everything I’ve ever had here. Except the teriyaki burger. That was just okay. Otherwise, everything was fantastic. One of the things that I look for when going out to eat is that I get to eat something new, something I’ve never seen before. Cutting Board isn’t drastically new, but it fills a flavor void that is hard to find in this part of the world.

Score: 7.6/10 The food is simple, but good. And the cherry on top: it’s cheap. A person will spend from around $7 to $20 person. That’s like one dollar symbol on yelp.

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