Comic Book Review: Batman (2011) #39

Details: Published by DC Comics. Official site is

Mannnnn I have loved Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman. I have freakin’ loved it. Arguably the best Batman run yet. And that is an amazing thing. Because when his run started, so many great Batman stories had already been told like Batman RIP and when Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne took over as Batman and Robin. It seems that no matter how much time passes, the Batman book surpasses all expectations and continues to deliver exciting, enrapturing stories. Batman is without a doubt the comic book I look forward to most each month.


While still very good, this issue is likely the weakest one in the current story arc, which is saying a lot considering how much I loved it.

Short synopsis of the current story arc: Joker has returned yet again to attack Batman and Gotham and nothing is held back this time. Joker knows Batman is Bruce Wayne and he goes to the cave. And then he cuts off Alfred’s HAND. Thank goodness Alfred survives. Then Joker goes on to have a parade and Batman and gang attack to try to get the chemical from Joker’s spine in order to synthesize an antidote to the poison Joker used on the city.

Lots of fun in this issue as in the prior issues, such as watching the bat gang and the rogues gallery team up to fight the joker-ized city. As much fun as it is, the Joker continues to be a force of nature thanks to Capullo’s art. Snyder’s writing is also up to snuff as you can begin to feel Batman’s desperation as he tries to combat this new and more dangerous Joker.

Score: 8/10 Love this book. Only thing I need to read each month. Go get it. If you haven’t read the last thirty-eight issues, go get those, too.

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